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ROCK Documentary Film

(“Where the Horses Heal the Soul”)

Located in central Texas is a place of hope and healing called ROCK – Ride On Center for Kids. Founded by Dr. Nancy Krenek over 20 years ago ROCK has been instrumental in helping children and adults with physical, cognitive, developmental or emotional challenges who miraculously beat the odds when partnering with therapy horses. Veterans with combat related injuries and PTSD who have struggled to find their place and purpose are empowered to live up to their full potential after connecting with horses. These stories show how the healing power of horses, the motion of riding and the connection to the horse, are life changing. ROCK participants improve life skills, gain independence and find purpose to “move their feet” to become the leaders of their own lives.

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ROCK Documentary Film Project

Production started in April 2019 on the ROCK documentary film. We are currently still in production. We invite you to partner with us on this mission to produce the ROCK documentary film. Our fiscal sponsor, the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation, is accepting donations into the ROCK Film Fund for the purpose of completing the production, post production and marketing of the film. Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted. Donations are tax deductible.

The real life characters in this film have come from different walks of life, have different challenges and struggles but their journeys from hurting to healing started at ROCK. They’re not labeled because of their challenges or diagnoses.

We are committed to creating a cinematically beautiful and compelling film that will connect with audiences of all ages and from all backgrounds. Audiences will observe ROCK participants facing challenges but when partnering with the horse are empowered to go beyond expectation. Each character is real, relatable and learning to become the leader of his and her life.

Our mission is to inspire “movement” towards hope and to help others find a reason to “move their feet” to discover healing in their own lives. Children, adults and veterans who were put in the “no hope” box because of injuries, disabilities, PTSD or other issues are empowered to push past boundaries and the labels of diagnoses when connecting with the horse and experiencing the healing motion of riding. We believe the ROCK participants’ stories will resonate deeply with audiences abroad.

Our goal is to use the documentary film to educate a broad audience about equine-assisted activities and therapies, inspire hope for veterans and people who are suffering from injuries, disabilities or other challenges to “move their feet” towards healing. The film will submitted to film festivals, distributed theatrical and on streaming platforms.

Donors giving over $10,000 will be listed as “Associate Producer” in the ending credits.

Executive Producers – George and Barbara Brightwell
Director/Producer – Twila LaBar
Director of Photography – Mike Eldredge
Assistant Camera Operator/Sound Recordist – Tony Hagedorn

For more information about the ROCK documentary film contact Twila LaBar at 512-629-7631 or

Visit our YouTube link to see our trailer.