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Capital Campaign for the Cedar Park Public Library

Imagine the Possibilities

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Imagine the Possibilities

We believe that knowledge is your right. If you want to access the world, our library will help you learn –without any fee.

This is an easy mission to embrace, but a hard one to fulfill. The new Cedar Park Public Library is capable of all this: sharing the excitement of the latest popular novels and offering the classics at the same time; preparing patrons for exams, job changes and retirement; helping research new and old ideas; offering space for community rooms to gather; and providing free access to technology.

Built on a foundation of books, our new Library will embrace up-to-date technologies that make information more accessible and our building more efficient, and enjoyable. With nearly double the space of our current building, the new Library will hold many more books, materials, audio-visual resources, and places for the community to gather. And of course, our skilled librarians will continue to serve as guides to complex information and wonderful entertainment. In achieving this vision, the new Cedar Park Library will become our most beloved and heavily used public resource for many generations of learners.


The Cedar Park Public Library Foundation, a 501(c)(3) founded in 1993, is committed to assist the Cedar Park Library in achieving excellence and to develop business and community support through financial assistance for Library initiatives. The Foundation has been fundraising on behalf of the Library for the past 29 years, stepping forward to enhance services by supporting early literacy initiatives, reading programs, and advanced technology needs.

Our new library will include:

  • 47,000 square feet (an 88% increase from our current 25,000 building)
  • Natural stone and wood building that blends and compliments the surrounding natural landscape
  • Spacious indoor and outdoor reading areas and porches with views to dozens of heritage trees and the exciting Bell District
  • Teen reading and group study area
  • Enclosed youth courtyard with a nature play area
  • Large adult reading area with alcoves and quiet zones
  • A dedicated youth activity and story time room
  • Multi-purpose room for community groups
  • Laptop vending and computer stations for flexible technology access
  • Two Makerspaces: a high-tech Maker area (think Fabrication tech like 3D printing) and a second Maker area for messier creations (think arts, crafts & more)
  • Wireless Internet access throughout the building and courtyards

The Imagine the Possibilities Capital Campaign goal of $3 million is to raise the funds needed to support: technology, furniture, fixtures, books, reading areas and materials to open our incredible new building with the best resources available.