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The Round Rock Cemetery was established in the early 1850s, in what is now known as Old Round Rock, and has contributed much to the history of the community as well as Williamson County and the State of Texas as a whole. Settlers, who moved in while Texas was still a Republic, helped develop this county. On the roster of those buried at the Round Rock Cemetery are the names of men and women who have made a lasting contribution to the history of this area. There are between 2,000 and 3,000 people buried in the cemetery, although hundreds of the graves are unmarked. Some of the graves are distinguished by persons as far back as 1771, and many more by those who may now seem forgotten, but were memorable personalities in the city's past. Round Rock Cemetery is one of the more interesting cemeteries in the area for the wide variety of stories that it can tell - Outlaws and lawmen, pioneers, slavery, segregation, neglect, hardship.

The cemetery was mapped by the Texas Cemetery Restoration in 2013 with an assessment of repair needs. Photographs were taken of all headstones in the cemetery at that time. The cemetery still has over 1,400 plots that are available to anyone who wishes to be buried in the cemetery. The Association was reorganized in 2012 with limited funds at that time. In 2013, some of those funds were used to map the cemetery into an organized fashion. At that time all the headstones in the cemetery were photographed and a repair assessment was made on those headstones in need of repair. The cost for making all repairs at that time was just under $200,000. That estimate was recently updated to just over $300,000. The Association will begin repairs late in 2023 or early 2024 with an initial investment of $45,000 with repairs on broken headstones to be completed by Texas Cemetery Restoration. The Association has set up a Cemetery Headstone Restoration Fund with all donations to that fund being designated for additional repairs and cleaning of headstones in the cemetery.

The Round Rock Cemetery Association is recognized as a 501-c-3 organization by the IRS in recognition of its standing as a historical cemetery. It has a 12-member volunteer Board of Directors, who are elected by the members of the Association. Association members are those who have plots in the cemetery or those who are relatives of someone who is buried in the cemetery.

The Annual Meeting for the Association is held on the 3rd Saturday in September at 9 a.m. at the cemetery.